Corinne Kunze

Corinne Kunze

a web developer with an eye for design, who specializes in building and maintaining complex web applications

Problem solver, ruby & javascript enthusiast, accomplished full stack developer.

I like building things and solving problems.

I like to describe myself as a Full Stack Developer. I love writing complex user interfaces as well as archetyping data flow/requests within web applications. My educational background is in design so I have also been an integral part of design and visual processes in the past. I am experienced with building feature rich, complex applications in frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, and React.

I am driven to build great experiences whilst writing code with an ethos of code legibility and simplicity.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outside of Portland, Oregon. I am currently for New Relic as a lead software engineer.

Selected Work

Screaming Circuits

Relevant Skills: Ember.js, Javascript, Front-End Development

Screaming Circuits is a company that supplies users with a way to order their circuit boards online. The new Screaming Circuits website was a revision of an older web experience that was growing increasingly out of date. The new site is built from the ground up in Ember.js and provides users with real time cost and shipping estimates.

I had the privilege of playing a large role in this project as the sole Front-End Developer, which meant I was responsible for building all components, styling, animation, and user interaction. Ember’s development process is not quite so black and white as other frameworks with front-end/back-end responsibilities and I spent much of my time here managing data flow and state management in the application.

Screaming Circuits
Screaming Circuits Ordering Process
Screaming Circuits New Quote

Pac Global - The Octopus Portal System

Relevant Skills: Ruby on Rails, React, Full Stack Development, Developer Lead

Pac Global is an insurance brokerage company that had a need for a new workflow for their customers to create claims when items get damaged or lost in transit. What started out as a single feature request, turned into a feature rich new workflow for being able to handle their claims through an automated process. We were able to deliver a robust set of new functionality on a rigorous timeline so that Pac Global's customers could begin using it as soon as possible.

I stepped into the role as development lead alongside a team of two dedicated back-end developers. Starting this project, we knew using their existing front-end tools were not going to cut it. We decided to move forward with installing React into the existing Rails application (read more about this) and were really pleased with our decision to do so. One of the most rewarding things about this project is we were able to deliver a robust new application workflow in an existing application, all while improving upon the system they have had in place.

Pacglobal Estimating Process
Pacglobal Settlement Process

Oregonian Recipe Box

Relevant Skills: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Front-End Development, Schema Markup

The Oregonian Recipe Box was a great project to work on, and it was sorely in need of a redesign. The Oregonian had years of recipe data that they had painstakingly collected. However, users were not drawn to these recipes with no photos, poorly optimized search engine optimization, as well as a dated user interface.

I lead the Front-end Development efforts while working with the design and back-end development teams. Some of the major accomplishments for this project were putting together a custom CMS quickly, writing recipe schema to provide search engines with recipe data to drive traffic, and integrating a fully responsive user experience for filtering, viewing, and searching for recipes.

Oregonian Recipe Box
Oregonian Recipe Box Homepage
Oregonian Recipe Box Recipe

TechTown Diversity Survey

Relevant Skills: Javascript, Chartist.JS, Ruby, CSS Animation

The TechTown Diversity Survey is a project supported by the Portland Development Commission (PDC). This survey is the result of 23 tech companies, located in Portland, Oregon, who have taken the survey and shared their results as part of a pledge to create a more diverse industry. The goal for the web project was to quickly put together a web site featuring the statistics using interactive charts.

This wasn't my first time working with charts and a large set of data to bring from a CSV to code. Learning from my past projects, I decided to write a Ruby program to parse the CSV file from the survey and collect users based on their selections throughout the survey. From there, the next steps were to take the collected data and generate the charts by formatting the data as Chartist.js was expecting it. Want to see more code for this project? It is publicly available on Github.

TechTown Diversity Survey
TechTown Diversity Intro
TechTown Diversity Graphs

Planet Argon Website

Relevant Skills: Javascript, Front-End Development, Ruby on Rails Development

The Planet Argon website has been through quite the transformation in the past couple years. It had been quite overdue for a redesign when we initially launched it on Squarespace. The new design allows us to show off our design chops as well as showcase our work. Many members in the Planet Argon team have contributions to the Planet Argon site, but for the most part it has been the focus of the design team.

After some time using Squarespace, we realized we needed to say goodbye and we decided to move to an out of the box Ruby on Rails CMS called RefineryCMS. My role throughout the project has always consisted of front-end development but the migration to RefineryCMS allowed me to spend time diving into the back-end to create a usable CMS that can be customized to whatever needs arise in the future.

Planet Argon Website
Planet Argon Culture Page
Planet Argon Work Show Page